Can I See a Chiropractor After Spine Surgery?

Can I See a Chiropractor After Spine Surgery?

There is no guarantee that back surgery will actually help or eliminate pain, which is a big risk for a lot of patients. Some patients tell me back surgery completely changed their health. Others say that the surgery did not help improve their health and quality of life. There is no magical formula and secret to predict if back surgery is right for you. However, patients who’ve had spine surgery can still visit a chiropractor to help find some relief.

Depending on the type of surgery you had performed, you may or may not receive an adjustment as part of your treatment plan. Following the advice of your surgeon and primary care physician are important, but you may find the advice of a chiropractor can help too. If chiropractic care makes sense for you, here are three treatment options available for patients who’ve had spine surgery.

Muscle Rehab: At Runnels Chiropractic, we perform very specific muscle rehabs on patients who’ve had spine surgery. These rehabs often take tension off the spine and reduce some of the painful and/or radiating symptoms most patients experience.

Adjustments: Patients who’ve had surgery on their lower back can typically have adjustments or traction treatments performed on their neck and patients that have had surgery on their neck can receive these treatments on their lower back. We can modify the treatment to avoid compression on the surgical area.

Electric Muscle Stimulation: Electrical muscle stimulation is a type of chiropractic treatment where electrode pads are placed on the skin. These pads send electrical pulses to different areas of the body. You can adjust the level and frequency of the pulses. Muscle stim therapy helps reduce inflammation, lessen muscle spasms, and relieve neck and back pain. Patients can also purchase a portable TENS Unit to have this treatment available at home or on the go!

In addition to these treatments, we can also recommend:

  • Dietary changes and supplements to help improve or maintain your spinal health
  • Massage therapists to help eliminate some pain and pressure
  • Heat and ice therapy options for at-home care
  • Exercises and stretches that you can do each day

One of my biggest passions about my profession is education. I enjoy this through continuing education and training as well as sharing knowledge with my patients. I spend as much time as possible with each patient so I can understand their history, current health, and goals. Everything I learn about my patients helps me create a treatment plan that is unique to them and their desired outcome.

If you want to see how chiropractic care can help with your spine health, call us at 765-962-4476 today to schedule an appointment. You are also encouraged to call our office to simply ask any questions about chiropractic.

This blog post is not intended to treat or provide any medical recommendations. Always consult your doctor or chiropractor about making changes or adjustments to your care and routine.